Dredge dumping sewage in harbour one of many incidents

OGO_17-08-2013_OFF_THE_RECO_01_GLA110713PLAN_65.1_t460[ Kiwozi:   Great Barrier Reef . . . Australia’s World Heritage Site . . . who really gives a . . . ! Only last month I blogged how it’s ok to have a Bombing Range right next door to our so called National Treasure. Now we are dumping Sewage on it !!! ]

A SHOCKING 1500 litres of raw sewage was dumped into Gladstone harbour in one of a series of environmental incidents on the Western Basin dredging project.  An APN investigation has also confirmed details of 35 oil spills and the “unplanned dumping” of more than 4200 cubic metres of dredge spoil in the harbour during the Australia’s biggest-ever dredging project.  The Observer can reveal a total of 48 environmental incidents, between July 2011 and October last year.   More . . .


Author: kiwozikonnections

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