Digital clocks spell the death of analog, but does it alter our perception of time?

Alarm bells rang following reports from the UK that digital clocks are replacing their analog counterparts in high school exam rooms. Is it true that children are increasingly incapable of reading analog clocks and, more importantly, does it matter?
While reading this article I was directed to Dave Allen’s comic take on these complexities – it’s a must view. [Ed]


Quirky tin shed bookshop ‘borne out of laziness’ offers booklovers’ sanctuary

Imagine pitching a business model to a bank manager for a bookshop that’s open 24-hours-a-day, with no security and payment being optional.
It defies logic and common sense, but it works. Logical Unsanity Books and Miscellaneous Phantasmagoria is little more than a tin shed wedged between a group of shops in leafy Bardon, in Brisbane’s western suburbs. It is not your average bookshop — it is not entirely weather proof, the shelving is made of old styrofoam vegetable boxes, discarded government bookshelves and even an old safe, with a mishmash of second-hand furniture.

Occasionally my faith in humanity is restored [Ed]

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How your worst fears stack up against reality

For those of us who can’t stand the thought of creepy crawlies or who jump at the sight of a shadow in the ocean, summer in Australia can be a challenging time.  Deadly snakes, sharks and spiders — you name it, we’ve got it.  But just how deadly are these creatures and how disproportionate is our fear of them? To find out we compiled a list of deaths commonly associated with summer.
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kim jong un scares me 😦 [Ed]

How a love of sailing helped Einstein explain the universe

“The then 18-year-old had just learnt to sail but . . . “

If the world’s most famous physicist Albert Einstein is any guide, modern-day scientists need to get out of the lab more and onto the water.
Around 1900, a cheeky Swiss patent clerk wrote to a friend about four scientific papers he had been working on in his spare time. He described them as revolutionary, claiming they would one day modify the “theory of space and time”.
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How well do you know the road rules? Take our quiz for a drive

Nothing makes blood boil quite like a motorist who doesn’t know what they’re doing behind the wheel.
Each week on Facebook, Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads asks its followers for the solution to some everyday scenarios they may come across when behind the wheel.
Most get it right, but others need a refresher. And fast.
Now it’s your turn. We’ve taken the best questions and present them to you now.

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How they do things in QLD 🙂 (Ed)