Polish yacht Katharsis II eyeing Hobart as record-breaking Antarctic voyage nears end.

It has been a freezing journey full of icy hazards around the world’s most remote continent, but Polish businessman Mariusz Koper and his crew have achieved their goal of an historic circumnavigation of Antarctica.The fierce weather hasn’t been the only foe, with crew members overcoming significant personal challenges to join the voyage.
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What maritime law says about salvaging shipwrecked and washed-up goods

Picture this — you’re walking along the beach and come across a washed-up shipping container chock-full of goodies.
You can hardly believe your luck, and begin to grab everything you can get your hands on. But is it legally yours now?
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King Island kelp-getters

Father and son Johann and Caelan Pretorius are a kelp-getting team who are often alone on the rugged — even jagged — southern tip of King Island.
Father and son are friendly and well-spoken, but Caelan’s neckerchief gives him the look of a bandit, and with Johann’s hair flying away in the harsh wind, it’s little wonder some travellers are wary of approaching them. “We’ve got big knives and . . . . .
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How your worst fears stack up against reality

For those of us who can’t stand the thought of creepy crawlies or who jump at the sight of a shadow in the ocean, summer in Australia can be a challenging time.  Deadly snakes, sharks and spiders — you name it, we’ve got it.  But just how deadly are these creatures and how disproportionate is our fear of them? To find out we compiled a list of deaths commonly associated with summer.
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kim jong un scares me 😦 [Ed]

Space is open for business: NZ start-up successfully launches rocket

New Zealand has trumped Australia in the space race, with a spaceflight start-up successfully launching a rocket from its own launch pad on the North Island.
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Look out Kim Jong-un we are firing this right over the top of Australia and into your Bunker ! 🙂 [Ed]

Play Me, I’m Yours

Play Me, I’m Yours was first commissioned in Birmingham, UK in 2008. With 15 pianos located across the city for three weeks it is estimated that over 140,000 people played or listened to music from the pianos. Since then more than 1500 street pianos have been placed in 50 cities, which have been played and listened to by more than 10 million people worldwide. Each new city that commissions the artwork becomes part of this growing international legacy.
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Some Happy News at last ! – what a beautiful idea.[Ed]

North Korea missile launch alert sent by Japanese broadcaster NHK in error

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK issued a false alarm about a North Korean missile launch, just days after a similar gaffe caused panic in Hawaii, but it managed to correct the error within minutes.
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. . .and what would happen if it was Real ?

I am speechless – the second “Human Error” in a week . . .and we are worried about “Global Warming” ?? It’s only a matter of time and we’ll all get very very warm, very very quickly ! [Ed}

Cheap travel anywhere on Earth within an hour using new rocket.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says he plans to replace his current rocket fleet and capsules with a next-generation spacecraft that could be used to travel to the Moon, Mars, or around the Earth — cutting most long-distance Earth flights to just half an hour.

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Cold War-era kits on surviving nuclear fallout unearthed by historian

In the early 1960s Washington was a city on edge and the threat of a nuclear attack was not far from the minds of the powerful. It was a threat considered so real that boxes of medical supplies were distributed across America — intended to aid survivors of an attack for the days and weeks after the blast.

Today, the threat of an attack has resurfaced amid escalating tensions between Washington and Pyongyang over North Korea’s missile capabilities.

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Earth’s deepest ocean trenches contain high levels of pollution

8260284-3x2-700x467Deep ocean trenches — considered the most remote places in the world — have levels of toxic, industrial chemicals 50 times higher than a highly polluted river system in China, an analysis of tiny deep-sea animals has found.

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The man without a home.


Matte Dunn is not drug addicted, not an alcoholic, not a gambler and has no diagnosed mental illness, but he is homeless. This is 12 hours in his life.

It’s so easy to make ignorant assumptions and wrongly classify people into certain social categories (Ed)

According to City of Melbourne figures, numbers of people sleeping rough in Melbourne have gone up 74 per cent in the past two years.

Anecdotal evidence from the sector suggests the homeless demographic is changing: increasingly drugs and mental illness are not the sole drivers. Instead, the sheer unaffordability of housing is pushing people onto the street.
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Sailor to face storm as she leaves Albany in world-record attempt to circumnavigate Antarctica

8201762-16x9-160x90Queensland sailor Lisa Blair has set off from Western Australia’s south coast town of Albany to attempt a world record circumnavigating Antarctica.

Ms Blair, 32, hopes to become the first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, non-stop, and unassisted in less than 100 days.
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Melbourne, what’s with the Goddamn Flies ?!

home-fly-sitting-on-delicious-ham-sandwichMelbourne in summer officially sucks, thanks to the plague of flies that has descended upon us. On Monday night, it was a cracking evening here in Melbourne – the mercury was still hovering around 28 at like, 8pm. So I thought, what better way to enjoy this blissful warmth than a nice stroll along Port Melbourne beach?
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Seeds of Salvation

Image1Enter the Arctic Doomsday Vault, a final safeguard for the world’s biodiversity.
At the very edge of civilisation, on a rugged island north of Norway, sits a strange, jutting building that houses the most important collection of seeds in the world, stored away in the event of catastrophe.

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The “Seabin” Project – a simple solution to our oceans pollution

Image2We have created an automated marina rubbish bin that collects floating rubbish, debris and oil 24/7
We are excited to introduce our new invention helping to solve, educate and prevent our oceans pollution problems. The Seabin is a revolution in ocean cleaning technology. It will help create cleaner oceans with healthier marine life. The Seabin project is helping create a better way of life for everyone and every living thing.
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Forget Sydney and San Francisco, Christmas Island crab bridge helps migrating critters beat the traffic

7013388-3x2-700x467Christmas Island rangers have taken road safety to a whole new level with the construction of a “crab bridge” over the island’s busiest road.
In preparation for the annual spawning season, rangers have been setting up barriers along the roadside to prevent the crabs from being crushed under the wheels of cars.
A five-metre-high bridge has also been constructed at one point along the road to help the crabs move across the island and continue their migration.

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Visitors encouraged to walk Waiheke Is

Image1Waiheke Island was this year picked as one of the top 10 destinations in the world to visit by Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2016 publication.

Visitors attracted to Waiheke Island for beaches, vineyard tours and restaurants are being urged to bring their walking shoes too and sample some of its stunning views and physical challenges on a 100km trail being formally opened November 21.

[Kiwozi] If you enjoy walking there are some great maps and links here.   Read More

Waterfront living taken to another level

08a08d2fd479818d406764324c6f7b2dfc451d9d_620x311Floating houses will be built and docked in Gulf Harbour development as a novel way of beating rising land prices.

Floating houses are planned for Gulf Harbour, north of Auckland. In what appears to be a novel solution to the city’s tightly constrained land supply and sky-rocketing prices, construction of The Boat Sheds project will begin in the New Year, answering the desire for waterfront location living.
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Something’s lurking at Chernobyl

GettyImages-492210482_620x310In the eerie emptiness of Chernobyl’s abandoned towns, wildlife is flourishing.
The sound was like nothing Tom Hinton had ever heard before: a chorus of baleful wolf howls, long and loud and coming from seemingly every direction in the darkness. The predators yipped and chirped and crooned to one another for what seemed like forever, sending a shiver of awe and intuitive fear down Hinton’s spine. “It was a primordial experience,” he said, something most of humanity hasn’t felt for tens of thousands of years. “That dates back to when humans were prey.”

Australia’s Ireland – What exactly is New Zealand’s relationship with Australia?

jail_istock_620x310Australians who happened to be born in New Zealand are being rounded up, locked up in hard-core detention facilities, and marooned. What’s this about? What exactly is New Zealand’s relationship with Australia?

Kiwozi’s Note:
Typically I steer well clear of Politics’ however I have made an exception in this case.
On my regular morning news surf I came across an article that exposes the murky waters of the Tasman Sea and the creatures that exist on both sides of it. If you have surfaced too quickly from your deep sea dive then sorry you will likely be under the illusion that a friendly Trans-Tasman Brotherhood exists – well read on.
This is one Link only.
The Main Editorial is here

French agent apologises for sinking Rainbow Warrior 30 years ago

6753916-3x2-940x627The French secret service agent who attached the mines which sank the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand 30 years ago has apologised for his actions.

The captain of the bombed Rainbow Warrior says he accepts the apology of a former French secret service officer who was part of a team that planted the bomb – but says justice has not been done.

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Solar Impulse 2 aircraft lands in Hawaii after completing historic flight in quest to circle the globe

6594780-3x2-700x467The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft has completed a historic flight in its quest to circle the globe without consuming a drop of fuel, touching down gracefully in Hawaii after the most arduous leg of its journey.
The sun-powered plane, piloted by veteran Swiss aviator Andre Borschberg, took 118 hours — about five days — to make the voyage from Japan to Hawaii and landed shortly after dawn at Kalaeloa Airport on the main Hawaiian island of Oahu.
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Leap second: Is a one-second difference in time too much?

6292764-3x4-340x453Question: When is a minute not a minute?
Answer: At 2359 Greenwich Mean Time today (9:59am AEST Wednesday), when the world will experience a minute that will last 61 seconds.
The reason for the weird event is something called the leap second.
That’s when timekeepers adjust high-precision clocks so that they are in sync with Earth’s rotation, which is affected by the gravitational tug of the Sun and the Moon.

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Humans could be among the victims of sixth ‘mass extinction’, scientists warn.

1444708-3x2-940x627The world is embarking on its sixth mass extinction with animals disappearing about 100 times faster than they used to, scientists warn, and humans could be among the first victims of the next extinction event.

Not since the age of the dinosaurs ended 66 million years ago has the planet been losing species at this rapid a rate, a study led by experts at Stanford University, Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley said. More. . .

The 12 most likely causes of the Apocalypse.

179322846_620x311Intelligent computers that take over the world and an incurable virus that kills off the human race might sound like plots worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster – but scientists insist they are real threats. They are just two of the 12 ways the world could end, according to new research. A team from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation has come up with the first serious scientific assessment of the apocalyptic risks we face. A few of the scenarios arise from events that are out of our control – such as an asteroid hitting the Earth or the eruption of a supervolcano – but most emerge from human advancements. More . . .