Dumpster diving in full swing as cost of living pinches Queenslanders looking for a meal

Some people say it is because they cannot turn down a free lunch, others might be doing it tough financially — whatever the reason, hundreds of Australians are fishing through dumpsters, hoping to score their next meal.Dumpster diving typically involves rummaging through a rubbish heap behind a retailer, with the view to find salvageable food.

the “Lucky Country”. . really?? [Ed]

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What maritime law says about salvaging shipwrecked and washed-up goods

Picture this — you’re walking along the beach and come across a washed-up shipping container chock-full of goodies.
You can hardly believe your luck, and begin to grab everything you can get your hands on. But is it legally yours now?
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Pedal the Pond team break world record with 40-day Atlantic crossing

Four young men have completed an epic 3,000 mile journey across the Atlantic in a pedalo to help raise funds and awareness about mental health.
Henry Quinlan, Max Mossman, Paddy Johnson and Hector Turner left Gran Canaria on January 7th, and arrived to cheers in Antigua on Friday February 16th.
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New Zealand dairy farmers, ‘second class citizens,’ in Australian dairy assistance program.

8131740-3x2-340x227New Zealand dairy farmers who have been farming in Australia for more than a decade say they are struggling to survive with no access to the Federal Government’s industry assistance. This year, dairy farmers across Australia have had the price they are paid for milk slashed and many are now being paid below cost of production for their produce. To help the industry, the Federal Government responded by making low-interest, concessional loans available and extended the Centrelink farm household allowance to dairy farming families. However New Zealand farmers who have made Australia their home, cannot access the assistance.
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This is why life can be tough for Kiwis in Australia.

653042-3x2-940x627[Ed: And they call it the “Lucky Country”]
A new study has given an insight into how New Zealanders perceive their lives in Australia, and it’s not all positive.
New Zealanders who made the move to Australia after February 26, 2001 — when changes were made to the Special Category Visa — can’t access welfare, among other limitations.
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Bill Gates might give away his fortune but he’s still making billions.

7194544-3x2-940x627The world’s richest man is getting richer.

Bill Gates’s net worth just hit $90 billion. He might be known for giving a lot of money away but, right now, his wealth is only increasing.
Despite his philanthropic efforts, Mr Gates still added about $15 billion to his net wealth over the past year, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

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The 14-year-old boy who turned down $44 million

SCCZEN_120516SPLRECMED1_620x310Taylor Rosenthal is a budding Bill Gates. The 14-year-old’s start-up company is so hot, he’s already turned down a $44 million takeover offer.
The high-school student from Alabama is the creator of RecMed, a vending machine that dispenses first aid products.
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One million dollars in charity donations left forgotten in government coffers !

1449993700368Australia’s leading charities and non-profit organisations have had $500,000 in funds transferred into government coffers because they, in some cases, left them untouched in bank accounts for too long.
A search for unclaimed money using terms such as “charitable”, “fundraiser” and “relief fund” also uncovered amounts adding up to $547,700, meaning potentially more than $1 million in donations is gathering dust.

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[Kiwozi: I don’t normally post “political content” but this occurrence just got up my nose I’m afraid !]

How to spend Powerball millions.

ISLAND GETAWAY: Buying Pakatoa Island won’t leave you any change from the $32 million winnings

Just after 8pm NZT someone will be jumping up and down and screaming for joy at winning Powerball’s $32 million jackpot. But by Monday they will have some decisions to make, not the least of which what to spend all that money on, or if to spend it at all.

Here is a taste of some of the ways you could try to invest 32 million big ones. . . .More