Dumpster diving in full swing as cost of living pinches Queenslanders looking for a meal

Some people say it is because they cannot turn down a free lunch, others might be doing it tough financially — whatever the reason, hundreds of Australians are fishing through dumpsters, hoping to score their next meal.Dumpster diving typically involves rummaging through a rubbish heap behind a retailer, with the view to find salvageable food.

the “Lucky Country”. . really?? [Ed]

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Dining goes sky-high with suspended restaurant

“gastronomic delights at a table suspended 50m in the air”

Dining in Auckland is about to be taken to new heights with some of the country’s best chefs serving gastronomic delights at a table suspended 50m in the air. Renowned Kiwi chefs Simon Gault and Gareth Stewart are among those involved in Dinner in the Sky, which sees 22 diners seated at a specially engineered table hoisted by crane over the city.  Diners board the platform at ground level and are strapped into seats with a harness with legs left dangling underneath. Guests are told to leave all belongings, apart from a camera or phone, on the ground.
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Are table manners a thing of the past … and should we care?

In the opening credits of period drama Downton Abbey, a servant leans over a dining table with a tape measure, gauging the space between a gold-rimmed china plate, a silver spoon and several table knives of varying sizes.
At the turn of the 19th century, ornate and complex table settings like these were a mark of class and breeding — and so were the good habits of the diners who used them. In Australia in 2017, knowing which knife to use in a posh restaurant is still a handy skill.
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Seeds of Salvation

Image1Enter the Arctic Doomsday Vault, a final safeguard for the world’s biodiversity.
At the very edge of civilisation, on a rugged island north of Norway, sits a strange, jutting building that houses the most important collection of seeds in the world, stored away in the event of catastrophe.

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Titanic’s final lunch menu sells for $125,000 at auction

3927468-3x2-940x627A menu for the last luncheon served to the first-class passengers aboard the ill-fated Titanic has sold for $US88,000 (about $125,177) at an online auction.
Stamped with a date of April 14, 1912 and the White Star Line logo, the menu included: grilled mutton chops; custard pudding; corned ox tongue; mashed, fried and baked jacket potatoes; a buffet of fish, ham and beef; an apple meringue pastry and a selection of eight cheeses.

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