Mummified body found on yacht drifting off coast of Philippines

12771563_990620744354450_1142910531252839409_oThe mummified body of a German adventurer was found dead drifting on his abandoned yacht at the weekend off the coast of southern Philippines.
Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, was discovered by two fishermen aboard his yacht in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Barobo town in Surigao del Sur.

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Missing Malaysia jet MH370 weeks away from keeping secrets forever.

mh370_getty_3_620x310The man leading the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is showing the strain after almost two years of fruitless toil. Martin Dolan, head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, said he struggles to sleep at times, gnawed by thoughts that wreckage from the Boeing Co. 777 may have slipped through the sonar net scanning 120,000 square kilometres of the southern Indian Ocean.

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The Bermuda Triangle – fact, fiction and fantasy

iStock_000011928300_Medium_620x31070 years after the disappearance of five planes in the Atlantic, Giles Milton investigates one of the world’s most enduring aviation mysteries.
The message picked up by the control tower was as bizarre as it was alarming. “Everything looks strange,” said the pilot. “It looks like we’re entering white water. We’re completely lost.” There were a few more crackles and then silence. It was December 5, 1945, and the five planes of Flight 19 – a military training mission from Fort Lauderdale, Florida – had vanished.

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