Melbourne public housing mural the tallest in Southern Hemisphere

The 20-storey mural is the tallest ever painted on a building in the Southern Hemisphere, and once completed, will feature the faces of four residents who hail from three continents.Artist Matt Adnate hopes the artwork brings pride to residents of the housing flats. The work follows widespread success of silo art across Australia.

Some Good News – some very Talented Artists. [Ed]

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World-first’ 3D-printed homes to be built in The Netherlands

A Dutch neighbourhood will be the site of a what is claimed to be a world-first 3D-printed housing development, with the first residents due to move in as soon as next year.
The partners in the project, called Project Milestone, said it is a world-first because the 3D-printed houses in the development will all be occupied. Their plan is to print five multi-storey, sustainable, fully habitable concrete homes

In some respects at least, we’ve moved a long way from “the cave” [Ed]

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Hutt River Principality: Malcolm Turnbull declines ‘royal’ invite as Prince Leonard set to cede throne

After 47 years, Prince Leonard is set to cede the throne to his son Prince Graeme.
After 47 years, Prince Leonard is set to cede the throne to his son Prince Graeme.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has snubbed a ‘royal’ invitation — but it is not likely to cause a diplomatic incident.

On Saturday, many oceans away from Buckingham Palace, Prince Leonard — the self-declared sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River — will cede the throne.

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Waterfront living taken to another level

08a08d2fd479818d406764324c6f7b2dfc451d9d_620x311Floating houses will be built and docked in Gulf Harbour development as a novel way of beating rising land prices.

Floating houses are planned for Gulf Harbour, north of Auckland. In what appears to be a novel solution to the city’s tightly constrained land supply and sky-rocketing prices, construction of The Boat Sheds project will begin in the New Year, answering the desire for waterfront location living.
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Al Capone’s gangster mansion on the market in Miami Beach

3626778-3x4-340x453One of Miami Beach’s most notorious pieces of real estate, the mansion of Chicago gangster Al Capone, is back on the block.

The sprawling, waterfront compound is where the notorious Capone died after being released from Alcatraz and is said to have plotted the St Valentine’s day massacre of 1929.

The 10,000-square-foot (930-square-metre) baby blue mansion sits on exclusive Palm Island, sandwiched in Biscayne Bay between downtown Miami’s skyscrapers and South Beach’s hotel district.  More. . .

An island so small you won’t find it on Google Maps

SEVEN miles off the coast of Suffolk, there is a country. It isn’t a very big smallisland_t460country. In fact, its surface area extends to no more than 6,000 square feet, which is about twice the size of a tennis court.

You won’t find it on Google Maps and it isn’t a member of Nato or, indeed, the EU. But it exists. And I know, because I’ve been there.

We embarked from the Thames Estuary in the dead of night.  More . . .

World’s Smallest Park

SNAIL RACE ARENA: Mill Ends Park, claims to be the smallest park in the world

The British and the Americans are quarreling – tongue in cheek – over territory again, this time over who has the world’s smallest park.  One, in Portland, Oregon, is essentially a concrete planter, two feet (0.6 meters) in diameter, with soil and some vegetation, and the Guinness Book of World Records says it’s the smallest.

The other is about 5,000 miles (8,050 kilometers) away, in England. They don’t claim to have a physically smaller park -theirs is 15 feet (4.5 meters) by 30 feet (9 meters). But they dispute whether Portland’s is a park at all.  More. .