Kombi ute “rustoration” sparks boy’s passion, unites city and country

A nine-year-old boy and his dad who restored a 1956 Kombi van abandoned in a paddock have found its original owner thanks to a small Queensland town.
Sammy Young’s dad Scott saw an advertisement on social media for the rusted old vehicle on a grazier’s property in Barcaldine and was immediately intrigued.

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At the age of 104, David Goodall finally departs on a journey with no return

Dr David Goodall’s life has been one of teaching, learning and discovery. Now the 104-year-old academic has departed on the last journey he will ever make.
As a group of family and friends gathers on a busy Wednesday afternoon in the departure hall of Perth Airport, it could be mistaken for just your regular farewell. The group clusters around a frail-looking man in a wheelchair, smiling, sharing a joke and a hug, as he prepares to board his flight. But at this farewell, there will be no coming home. David Goodall is going to die.

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Rocky Abalsamo who sat at his wife’s grave in Boston for 20 years has died

272752-55480186-8a52-11e3-92e1-07d47f226b83A MAN who sat at his wife’s grave for almost 20 years – through storms, heatwaves and howling winds from dawn to dusk – has died.

Rocky Abalsamo will now be reunited with his beloved wife Julita, who passed away in 1983 after 45 years of marriage. He will be buried on her left, the side he walked alongside her when she was alive, The Boston Globe reported.

He only left Julita’s gravesite when St Joseph Cemetery in West Roxbury, Boston, was closed. Then he would sprinkle crumbs across the plot so chipmunks would keep her company when he could not.
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Awesome Service: Stuffed Wolf Gets Surgery With A Little Boy

untitledTHIS will restore your faith in humanity.
Meet 9-year-old Joshua. He recently had to go in for surgery and was so nervous that he brought along his stuffed wolf. The wolf had a tear in its leg, so Joshua asked if his doctor could do a wolf surgery too.

His parents said ‘no.’   But when they walked into the recovery room to see their son, they discovered the little wolf laying next to him; this time, with a surgical mask, a little cast, and surgical quality sutures in his leg.
We think the entire surgical staff deserves some serious respect and love for this act of kindness.




Arthritic dog made famous by photo passes away

This image of Schoep and his owner touched hearts worldwide

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Schoep and his owner, John Unger, became famous thanks to a photo that touched hearts across the globe. Now Unger is posting what may be his final recollection of his beloved dog. Yesterday, he posted on his Facebook page, “I breathe but I can’t catch my breath. Schoep passed yesterday.”

They became famous last August when a photo taken by a friend, photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, become a true viral success on Facebook. The photo depicts man and dog embracing while bathing in Lake Superior in Wisconsin. The touching nature of the photo was backed up by an even more wonderful story.  More . .