Polish yacht Katharsis II eyeing Hobart as record-breaking Antarctic voyage nears end.

It has been a freezing journey full of icy hazards around the world’s most remote continent, but Polish businessman Mariusz Koper and his crew have achieved their goal of an historic circumnavigation of Antarctica.The fierce weather hasn’t been the only foe, with crew members overcoming significant personal challenges to join the voyage.
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Welcome to a holiday of the future

Dodging cannon balls in the 15th century, jumping off a mountain or shape-shifting your bed in a hotel room you can speak to — step into a holiday of the future.
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Epic adventure or epic fail? The family that tried to sail to England in a rubber boat

A young English family of five, desperate to visit a sick relative back home, attempts to sail from Australia in a rubber dinghy; instead they take a 6,500 kilometre, nine-month detour via Indonesia.
That is the absurd plot for Melbourne filmmaker Alessandro Frosali’s next project — but incredibly, it’s a true story.
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Rubber Ducky Really Ridiculous ! [Ed]

Pedal the Pond team break world record with 40-day Atlantic crossing

Four young men have completed an epic 3,000 mile journey across the Atlantic in a pedalo to help raise funds and awareness about mental health.
Henry Quinlan, Max Mossman, Paddy Johnson and Hector Turner left Gran Canaria on January 7th, and arrived to cheers in Antigua on Friday February 16th.
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French sailor Francois Gabart sets around the world in 42 days solo record

French sailor Francois Gabart has broken the record for sailing around the world alone, circumnavigating the planet in just 42 days and 16 hours.
That is more than six days faster than the last record, set by fellow Frenchman Thomas Coville last year.

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Stars shine on silo art in epic road trip

Grain silo art drive leaves mates starstruck
What do you get when two camera-crazy mates head off on a road trip? A glimpse of the grain silo art trail under the stars.
Grant Schwartzkopff and Tony Virgo captured these images of seven silos on a 500km, 10-hour drive one night in October.

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Cheap travel anywhere on Earth within an hour using new rocket.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says he plans to replace his current rocket fleet and capsules with a next-generation spacecraft that could be used to travel to the Moon, Mars, or around the Earth — cutting most long-distance Earth flights to just half an hour.

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Exploring Auckland’s west coast beaches

The image of black-sand beaches didn’t initially appeal to me, as a golden- sand, Pacific Ocean, East Coaster. But I didn’t know they would sparkle in the sun and shine like pewter, or that the sand at Piha would feel like softest talcum powder and leave a shimmer on my skin.

Now I’m feeling homesick (Ed)

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Most Travel-Restricted Places in the World

Thanks to technology, the world is virtually accessible to everyone. If you have the money, you can take a plane and get to most destinations in the world under 24 hours.
That’s why it’s fascinating to think about how even the wealthiest couldn’t (or shouldn’t) go to certain locations. You have to be in-the-know, a head of state, a priest, or a native member of a tribe that hasn’t had contact with the modern world (don’t worry, you’ll see in the list here).

New Zealand PM calls Australian immigration changes ‘disappointing’

New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English has called Australia’s immigration changes “disappointing”, saying they will force New Zealanders to wait longer for citizenship.

Ahhh yes I’m sure Kiwi’s just can’t wait to come to “The Lucky Country” (Ed)

Mr English said there had been no formal contact between the Turnbull Government and himself or his ministers before Australia unveiled its immigration crackdown last week.

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Why New Zealand is the best place to escape Trumpocalypse

gettyimages-578363119_620x310The elevation of an unpredictable billionaire to the helm of nuclear-armed America has given fresh impetus to the idea of remote New Zealand as a bulwark for civilisation in the event of a global catastrophe, writes the Daily Mail.
The idea has pedigree – British science fiction writer John Wyndham’s 1955 novel The Chrysalids describes a post-apocalyptic landscape where Zealand (or Sealand) is the only place that has not sunk into barbarity.

The fictional Zealand escaped the holocaust because it was “somewhat secluded” and it seems that, in uncertain times, the real New Zealand is attracting interest for the same reason.
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Solo sailor Andy Lamont sets off on westward trip around world in non-stop and unassisted adventure.

7898636-3x2-340x227An Australian sailor is attempting to sail “the wrong way” around the world in what he hopes will be a record-breaking journey aboard his 34-foot boat.

Andy Lamont left the Gold Coast today and is planning to sail solo, non-stop, and unassisted around the world in a westerly direction. He said his world record attempt began with a childhood idea.
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Meet me at Horny Point:


[Ed:  I looked for “Boganville” on the map but it is perhaps far too common to show up in one particular location.]

It’s time to clean up the map of Australia. Who knew there were such filthy-sounding destinations in Australia as Curly Dick Road, Glory Hole Cave and Intercourse Island? Ben Pobjie calls on the Government to clean up this country: we need a map of Australia that decent mums and dads won’t be embarrassed reading to their children.

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This is why life can be tough for Kiwis in Australia.

653042-3x2-940x627[Ed: And they call it the “Lucky Country”]
A new study has given an insight into how New Zealanders perceive their lives in Australia, and it’s not all positive.
New Zealanders who made the move to Australia after February 26, 2001 — when changes were made to the Special Category Visa — can’t access welfare, among other limitations.
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Other Links http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-24/kiwis-living-in-australia-face-hardship/7779756

Other Links http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-24/new-zealanders-report-higher-levels-of-discrimination/7778520


John Beeden becomes first person to row the Pacific Ocean solo and non-stop to Australia

7052624-3x2-700x467Adventurer John Beeden has become the first person to row solo non-stop from North America to the Australian mainland.
December 27 marked day 209 at sea for Mr Beeden, who has rowed more than 7,400 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean.

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Visitors encouraged to walk Waiheke Is

Image1Waiheke Island was this year picked as one of the top 10 destinations in the world to visit by Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2016 publication.

Visitors attracted to Waiheke Island for beaches, vineyard tours and restaurants are being urged to bring their walking shoes too and sample some of its stunning views and physical challenges on a 100km trail being formally opened November 21.

[Kiwozi] If you enjoy walking there are some great maps and links here.   Read More

Australia’s Ireland – What exactly is New Zealand’s relationship with Australia?

jail_istock_620x310Australians who happened to be born in New Zealand are being rounded up, locked up in hard-core detention facilities, and marooned. What’s this about? What exactly is New Zealand’s relationship with Australia?

Kiwozi’s Note:
Typically I steer well clear of Politics’ however I have made an exception in this case.
On my regular morning news surf I came across an article that exposes the murky waters of the Tasman Sea and the creatures that exist on both sides of it. If you have surfaced too quickly from your deep sea dive then sorry you will likely be under the illusion that a friendly Trans-Tasman Brotherhood exists – well read on.
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Paris begins removing nearly 1 million love locks from iconic bridges

6513490-3x2-940x627Paris, known worldwide as the city of romance, has begun the heart-breaking process of removing hundreds of thousands of love locks, padlocks chained to the city’s bridges by adoring couples. Yellow-vested officials were out early Monday morning (local time) on the city’s iconic Pont des Arts, wielding cutting equipment to free the padlocks while a handful of curious tourists looked on.
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Japanese train sets new world speed record, hits 603kph in test run

Image1Japan’s state-of-the-art maglev train has set a new world speed record in a test run near Mount Fuji, smashing through the 600 kilometre per hour mark, as Tokyo races to sell the technology abroad.
The seven-car maglev train – short for magnetic levitation – hit a top speed of 603kph, and managed nearly 11 seconds at faster than 600kph, operator Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) said. More. . .

Grass greener NZ side of the Ditch.

6e9742794497926fb4ccf24a4827cb853c6479c7_620x311Growing economy and better work-life balance attract thousands of Australians to make their homes in NZ.

Australians are admitting that New Zealand is now the place to be as its residents cross the Tasman to find a home here. The increase in Australians shifting to New Zealand permanently, as well as a rise in expat Kiwis returning home, is reversing the one-way tide of migration of the past 20 years. And according to a report in the Weekend Australian Magazine, New Zealand’s growing economy and superior work-life culture are attracting thousands of Australians put off by their own unstable Government and falling economic fortunes.
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MH370 search: New video released nine months after plane disappeared with 239 aboard

Image1Organisers of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have released a video of their work mapping about 200,000 square kilometres of the floor of the Indian Ocean.

The search for MH370 is continuing in the southern Indian Ocean nine months after the plane disappeared with 239 passengers and crew aboard, including six Australians.  More . .

[Ed Note:  If you have the time & technology the “Four Corners” 45min video link on this same page is well worth watching.]

First homes on the Moon will be created by robotic 3D printers

moon-houseThe European Space Agency may have solved the issue of getting building materials to the distant rock – using what is already there.

Mankind has taken one small step closer to colonising the Moon after the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed its latest plans to provide affordable housing – something we can’t even manage in London. It’s 45 years since human beings first stepped on the rocky satellite, yet we’re still yet to solve the problem of how to cost-effectively get enough building materials up there to put together permanent – and safe – structures. More . . .

Migration mystery solved.

r1335332_18597263Winds favoured Polynesian migration.
Polynesians were able to sail downwind to Easter Island and New Zealand centuries ago, a new analysis of past climate has found.

There were narrow windows of time between 1140 and 1260 AD where the winds allowed this, say researchers in this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“It’s really incredible to think that for a 120-year period the Polynesians took advantage of these windows of opportunities and they crossed almost a third of the surface of the Earth,” says co-author Associate Professor Ian Goodwin of Macquarie University. More . .

Kiwis in hot demand for luxury yachts.

Former Auckland desk jockey Michael Colley, above and below, is working on a 52m luxury yacht, La Mirage, in the Mediterranean
Former Auckland desk jockey Michael Colley, above and below, is working on a 52m luxury yacht, La Mirage, in the Mediterranean

Wanted: Kiwi crews for international superyachts. Must be comfortable cruising the globe, chatting respectfully with eccentric billionaires and celebrities and scrubbing toilets for weeks on end.

An increasing number of young New Zealanders are trying their luck with a job on board, lured by adventure, huge tips and the chance to see the world’s most exotic locations.

Increased demand for courses in the pursuit of work on overseas luxury vessels has seen Auckland superyacht qualification educators at the New Zealand Maritime School and Mahurangi Technical Institute struggling to keep up.   More. . . .