Rod Weir


In Memory

  • screensaver | September 13, 2011 at 10:12 am 

    To Rod friend and mate, we have sailed some sea’s together and enjoyed many good times and experiences (with both of you) that I would otherwise have missed. Your strength of character inspiration for life and laughs were a treasure. You will be missed more than any words I can put her, and I hope you continue your journey in the same vain. To Elaine I wish you the strength of character that I know is within you, and true friends can be leant on, so you know where to find at least one of us.
    Alan & Tania

  • Donna Reed | September 21, 2011 at 1:39 pm 

    Darling Rod, I recall the first time we sailed together, your introduction to the sea. We were sailing on Botany Bay. Grant and Craig, Frank and Betty (Mum and Dad inlaw) you and I were on Craig’s Dads boat. We were the only boat on the water (apart from the police rescue boat that followed us) – why – because the weather was foul, a huge storm. We were all cold and soaking wet, one minute laughing and the next screaming and then laughing again. Grant and Craig were struggling to get us home and you not to thrilled with it all went to hide below. You did not give up on the sea and there were more adventures to come. Next you and Val (Darrel) took your diving course and Grant, Craig, Robert and I took you both on your first night dive, again you were not too thrilled as you certainly did not like all the crawling creatures on the rocks. You did not give up and continued to grow a love for the sea, so much so that we bought our own boat (Blue Moon, a big cruiser) there was many a party and adventure on her. Still your love for the sea grew and along came Nemetona, Grant and Craig teaching you all they new about sailing. And then Nemetona 2 the boat that saw you and Elaine take your beautiful holiday on the sea. You are now sailing another sea you are out of our sight but never out of our minds. I loved you when I met you, you were 26, I loved you when we married (17/09/1994) and will always hold you in my heart. Your loving friend and ex-wife Donna.
    Elaine you are Rod’s last love he is with you forever in memory, in your soul and heart. My heart is with you in this the saddest of times. Love Donna

  • Julie Weir | September 24, 2011 at 2:20 pm 

    Thankyou to all the wonderful people who loved my little brother and made this touching tribute to him. I will need to go to this place often as his blog fills my heart with all the love he shared for his family, friends and the sea. Too soon you were taken from me Rod. I was, and will always be so very proud of you, your memory and adventures will live on through Ash and Sharni
    I love you with all my heart Rod, I promise I will be strong for you as you have for me and this special place that has been dedicated to you will help me through the rough times ahead. Rest my little brother I will miss you so much

  • Peter Leonard Weir | September 27, 2011 at 6:59 pm 

    Peter Leonard Weir [27 September 2011]
    I find myself quite overwhelmed by the depth of love and affection of those whom have put together this response to my Son’s untimely demise. To all of those caring people that have sent messages, flowers (to Carla’s and my home), cards and letters and have spoken personally and attended Rod’s funeral on Friday 23 September 2011 a heartfilled thankyou from all of us that needed and welcombed your support, comfort, love and best wishes. Rod to me was first a son, a mate and a friend and I loved him dearly and will miss him deeply and more so as I come to terms with him not being around to call or to chat to or just discuss a problem. We had a special relationship as he did with so many others. To those who haved loved him and had him return that love in unforgetable ways will always have him as a part of their lives. An objective of ours as parents from Rod’s early days was to create a relationship between his sister Julie who loved him so much and Rod who felt the same towards Julie had something which was loving, trusting, supporting, caring and affectionate and with the help of his Mother and others in his life we achieved this and more. Marlene, Julie and I have known Rod a life time and we will miss him for the rest of our lives. Rod, I love you pal and I’ll have a JB from time to time and a quiet thought and possibly a tear or two. Finally, I would just like to clear a point of Rod’s Company name DRANOEL and for those who don’t know look at his middle name. We had fun doing that……

  • Donna Reed | September 29, 2011 at 10:32 am 

    Hello Rod, I’m talking with you today in memory of our darling Elliott, who passed away 1 year ago today (29 September 2010), I miss him every day as I will miss you every day. Our beloved Elliott shared many adventures with us, with you and Grant and the boys and his friends Tasha the cat and Doris the duck. Your love for our little treasures inspired you to write me a poem in their memory when they had gone.
    You wrote – Elliott
    Elliott is our friend, one of the greatest delights of our life. Elliott loved by all is now resting with his long time friends Tasha the cat and Doris the duck. Elliott, an adventurous dog, he swam, he surfed, he sailed the sea and took holidays on the farms. Doris was a duck who liked the cat. The cat Tasha use to sit on the mat with Elliott the dog. Doris and Elliott would swim in the pool out the back, while Tasha, would sit in the shade and nap. Torment each other the clearly did like a grumpy adult and annoying small kids. They now all rest in the bed. Their memories will always be in our heads.

    Rod I remember one time you and Grant had taken Elliott on the boat. The weather was so bad that the life raft was washed off the boat and the furniture was all over the place, you held onto Elliott and put two life jackets on him saying to Grant, whatever we do we save Elliott, it will not be worth facing Donna without him. (Thank you for the care you took of our Elliott). Rod I will always treasure this story and the many others.
    I have your poem on a plaque with photos of our treasures and you right there beside them. Give them all big hugs and pats from me and have fun playing lacrosse and sailing with Elliott. I miss and love you all.

    (I tried to add photo of you and Elliott, but it did not work)

  • Donna Reed | September 29, 2011 at 10:37 am 

    ShoretoShip, thank you for this page in memory of Rod. It is so nice to be able to read about Rod’s beautiful life.

  • Tony Keevers | January 3, 2012 at 9:59 pm 

    I was first introduced to Rod at the Prince Henry site by his father Peter. I quickly grew to rely on Rod’s ‘can do’ ability to solve all the building related problems that I was presented with on that site. Rod was always willing to remedy a problem whether it meant sliding under a building to repair a termite ravaged floor joist or to repair something else. His ready smile was always contagious.

    My respect for Rod and his abilities grew with each job that he undertook. I knew that once I had acquainted Rod with the problem, he and his small team, including Grant and Craig, could be relied upon to fix it promptly and with a minimum of fuss.

    I found that Rod enjoyed ‘the water’ and was at that time living in a house at Concord only about a kilometre from mine. I would occasionally see Rod around Cabarita – sometimes cycling or walking along one of the foreshore walks or grabbing a coffee.

    Rod told me about his plans to acquire his first yacht (Hanse 400E) and kept me abreast of its construction and following that, on the positioning of the ship transporting it to Sydney. I recall his excitement increasing the closer the ship carrying it came to arriving in Sydney. He was ecstatic when he could finally see Nemetona all wrapped in plastic and sitting on the dock at Barangaroo.

    Under the tutelage of Grant and others his yachting experience in Nemetona increased greatly. I admired the way that he always addressed these challenges head on. It wasn’t long before he had found his sailing and life partner – Elaine – and they were enjoying sailing Nemetona together.

    I still couldn’t believe it when, what seemed only a little while later, Rod advised me that he had put Nemetona up for sale and ordered an even bigger yacht (Hanse 470). WOW! Nemetona 11 was even better! I was so jealous but also so happy for Rod because I knew that he had worked hard for it.

    I enjoyed sharing Rod and Elaine’s exploits on their cruise especially through their website’s photograph’s and narrative and also through ‘spot’ who would let me look down from above on their yacht and follow their cruise.

    It was one of the few things that was brightening up a very bleak period in my life following separation from my wife and disassociation from my three sons. During that time the black dog of despair and depression often gripped me. Rod’s frequent contact – together with support from my soulmate Lorraine – helped me through this most difficult period. Rod would often talk to my youngest son Peter who worked near the Cabarita marina and would then let me know how he was going. Rod’s help in this matter was greatly appreciated -probably more than Rod will ever know.

    News of Rod’s passing came with tsunami sized waves of shock and disbelief, then sadness. I hope Alan doesn’t mind but his photo of Rod floating on a lilo on the water with a beer is how I now like to think of Rod. Rod had worked hard and its now his time to rest up.

    I still miss you mate…

    Tony Keevers

  • Donna Reed-Weir | May 1, 2012 at 11:39 pm 

    Rod it’s almost your birthday. I think of you evey day. I will always love you. Donna.

  • Donna Reed-Weir | May 11, 2012 at 5:55 pm 

    Happy Birthday Rod. I cannot believe you are not here. We miss you and will think of you always. I love you. XXXX

  • Julie weir | September 9, 2012 at 11:54 pm 

    To my wonderful brother I miss u so much. It is almost 12 months since u left us and not a moment goes by that I don’t think of you and miss your smile. I just want u here I need u here nothing goes right when you are not a phone call away…..our family chain was broken and nothing will ever be the same but we will all meet some day and the chain will link again I love you so much xxx

    Julie Weir

    I love visiting here to remember you xxx I am here now to wish you a wonderful 49th birthday – I miss you so much – please know that I tried Rod – I love you xxx

    Donna Reed Weir

    Happy Birthday Rod. Love you and think of you everyday. Going sailing tomorrow and will feel you in the sea breeze. Have a great 49th. Love always. Donna. xxxxx

    Donna Reed Weir

    Hi Rod. Still think of you every day. I love you and miss you. xxx

    Julie Weir

    You left and forgot to tell my heart how to live without you. Two years tomorrow, time does not make your leaving any easier Rod miss u so much rest in peace, love you now and forever xxxx

    Donna Reed Weir

    Hi Rod. We all miss you so much. Julie is right. It is hard as you are in our hearts and always will be. Sometimes I just want to hug you so I’m sending you a huge hug and with the hug comes my love now and always. I love you. Donna🌸⛵

    Donna Reed Weir

    Happy 50th birthday Rod. Think of you every day. We miss you always. Love to you today and forever. xxx🎂🎈💕


    5 years Rod. I still watch for you to walk through the door. Miss you heaps and love you. xx


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