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Whatever amazes me, takes my fancy, gets up my nose, under my skin, or tugs at my heart strings – quite often related to Australia; NZ; Boats; Animals. . . .with hopefully some “Good News” from time to time.

  • Traditional Photos
  • Black & White Images
  • Manipulated Images
      • A diverse collection of masterfully manipulated images enthusiastically enhanced and adeptly adapted  to appear here before you.    :)
  • Caricatures
      • Carefully creating a funny facial wickedly warped.
  • Original Oils
      • (A collection by “Picasco”) Ok the “Oils” actually came straight  from my Materials Palette, the  “Canvas” was my Monitor and the ”Brush”  my Mouse, but hey I never got a drop of paint on the studio floor and they definitely are “Originals”. 
  • Humour
      • You could find anything here.  They tell me it takes 43 muscles to frown, 17 to smile and none to just sit there with a dumb look on your face, so the amount of energy you expend here is entirely up to you.

A quiet place for all to share and remember loved one’s who have moved on to new adventures.  (You are welcome to share your thoughts or leave comments here).

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